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Software Features For Ipds; Ioca Replicate And Trim; Trace Facility; Overstrike, Underscore, Subscript, And Superscript - Xerox DocuPrint 100 User Manual

System overview guide
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IPDS printing environment

Software features for IPDS

IOCA Replicate and Trim

Trace facility

Overstrike, underscore, subscript, and superscript

OL1: Overlay One
PS1: Page Segment One
Line mode data streams
Each of the data objects follow the same object rule of containing
delimiting fields with structured fields describing each object.
This section describes some of the software features for IPDS
The printer supports Replicate and Trim, which improves the
processing of IM and IO images that contain large areas of
shaded graphics. (IM images are resolution-dependent images
that cannot be compressed or scaled; IO images are resolution-
The IOCA Replicate and Trim capability allows for faster
transmission to the printer of AFP applications with IM images
that have large or widespread shaded areas. It also reduces the
storage area required on the host and on the printer.
To help diagnose problems, the system provides a trace
mechanism. Trace files store system configuration information,
maintain TCP/IP protocol headers, and time-stamp all records.
For detailed information on this feature, refer to the "Using utility
commands" chapter in the Guide to Configuring and Managing
the System.
Support for the PT2 Subset of PTOCA enables the printer to
print overstrikes, underscores, subscripts, and superscripts
where specified in jobs.
System Overview Guide


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