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Printer Configurations - Xerox DocuPrint 100 User Manual

System overview guide
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Printer components and options

Printer configurations

The DocuPrint 96 NPS/IPS base system is configured with one
inverter feeder/stacker module; one additional feeder/stacker
module is optional. Input enablement and bypass transport
devices can also be used.
NOTE: The input enablement and bypass transport devices are
offered as optional components. These options allow you to
customize your printer for increased efficiency and specialized
applications, such as roll feed and finishing devices. The middle
feeder/stackers are also optional for the 4636 and 180 NPS/IPS.
The DocuPrint 96, 4635, and 180 NPS/IPS are available in the
following configurations, some of which may include the bypass
transport and/or Input Enablement kit.
Figure 3-6. DP 96 NPS/IPS: Printer + inverter feeder/stacker
The DocuPrint 4635 and 180 are available in the configurations
shown in the following figures.
Figure 3-7. Printer + inverter feeder/stacker + feeder/stacker
System Overview Guide


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