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Printer Controller Overview - Xerox DocuPrint 100 User Manual

System overview guide
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System Overview Guide

Printer controller overview

The printer controller manages print options, provides the user
interface, and runs system management and diagnostic
operations on demand. The following is an explanation of tasks
that enable the job to be printed:
The printer controller detects which job protocol is being sent.
Print option parameters are stored in the Job Pool Manager
(JPM) database, which maintains a database of all jobs. This
database contains a reference to the print data on the fixed
disk, as well as the print options parameters for the print data.
The JPM responds to the printer controller commands for
deleting, holding, and prioritizing jobs.
Print data is stored on the printer controller disk for queuing
and while printing.
When the printer controller begins processing a job, it sends
the print data to the decomposer. The decomposer converts
the print data into a bitmap in the resolution appropriate to
the printing device.
The decomposer utilizes font data from font files stored on
the printer controller disk or font information sent to the
printer controller with the print job.
When processed data comes back from the decomposer, the
printer controller Device Driver transmits the print data and
print option parameters to the printer. Printing is then
After the job has been printed successfully, the print data file
is deleted from the disk. If an error inhibits job completion, the
printer controller manages the recovery and completion of
the job.
The system can manage the processing of multiple jobs and the
printing of another job simultaneously. When you are printing
IPDS jobs, the printer controller is able to queue multiple
PostScript and PCL jobs at the same time. When you are printing
PostScript and PCL jobs, you can send only one IPDS job.


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