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Paper Care - Xerox DocuPrint 100 User Manual

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Paper care

Storing paper
Once you have purchased your paper, you must be sure it is
stored and conditioned properly, so that it performs optimally in
the printer with a minimum of jams.
Paper tends to curl under the heat that is present inside
xerographic equipment. To minimize the amount of curling, use
paper with low moisture content. Paper with excessive moisture
content has a tendency to jam because of the greater curl. The
maximum recommended moisture content is 5.7 percent.
Keep these points in mind when preparing your paper storage
Store paper in its own wrapper; do not leave it unwrapped or
where it can be damaged by dampness or heat.
Store paper on a flat surface and not on its side or edge.
Store reams of paper in a closed cabinet.
Always store paper in a cool, dry area. Store on pallets or
shelves, not on the floor.
Plan ahead and keep at least a day's supply of paper in the
same area as the printer to allow environmental stabilization
prior to printing.
For more detailed information on paper for Xerox printers, refer
to Helpful Facts about Paper, provided with your printer.
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