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System overview guide
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Printer controller overview
For channel connection to a host for IPDS printing, the system
may use an HCU.
An external 4 mm tape drive is available and recommended for
backing up site files. A typical color calibration file is 1.5 MB.
Figure 2-3. Printer controller components (Sun Ultra 60)
1. Monitor
2. Keyboard
3. Mouse
4. Processor
5. Diskette drive
7. Optional cartridge tape drive
8. Optional HCU
The central processing unit contains the memory, internal disk
drive, a CD-ROM drive, a diskette drive, power receptacle and
outlet, connectors and ports.
Diskette drive: The floppy disk drive is located in the
processor. It uses industry standard 3.5 inch, 1.44-MB,
double-sided, high-density floppy disks. This disk drive is not
an input source for print jobs or for any other data or
application. It is reserved exclusively for use by a service
representative to update software and to store files.
System Overview Guide


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