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Client Software; Submitting Print Jobs - Xerox DocuPrint 100 User Manual

System overview guide
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Network printing environment

Client software

Submitting print jobs

On your PC or workstation, you must install or set up a
supported means of submitting jobs to the printer. Depending on
your system, you can use the following:
Xerox drivers for Windows 3.x, 95/98, or NT/2000
Xerox Document Submission Software for DOS, Windows
3.x, 95/98, NT/2000, or Macintosh
Third-party drivers
– Some PostScript drivers can be used in conjunction with
Xerox-supplied PPD files
– HP Color LaserJet for PCL 5c jobs
– HP LaserJet 4 for monochrome jobs
Third-party TCP/IP lpd utility
Apple/Macintosh Printer Access Protocol (PAP)
NOTE: The printing options vary according to the network
software that is loaded on the client workstation.
There are basically two ways you can submit print jobs: You can
send print data directly from the application to the printer; or you
can create a PDL data file on the workstation and then send the
data file to the printer. The method you choose depends on the
workstation configuration and the job submission requirements.
Sending the print data directly from the application to the printer
is accomplished with a Xerox print driver or a third-party driver.
This method is sometimes referred to as "transparent printing." It
may not support all available print options, such as number of
copies, simplex or duplex printing, and stitching.
The other way to submit print jobs to the printer is by creating a
PDL data file. After the file is created, the user closes the
document and submits the job using one of the following
lpr command: Provides options for submitting print jobs. The
functionality of the lpr command is dependent on the TCP/IP
software installed on the workstation.
System Overview Guide


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