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Ipds Data Stream - Xerox DocuPrint 100 User Manual

System overview guide
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IPDS data stream

System Overview Guide
Figure 5-4. Host Channel Unit (HCU)
The front panel of the HCU provides a single-digit LED display
that enables you to monitor power-up and offline status, and
alerts you to error conditions. (Refer to the Messages Guide for
an explanation of the HCU codes.)
The back panel of the HCU has a power switch and outlet, bus
and tag cable input and bypass connectors, and a dual serial
NOTE: The customer is responsible for obtaining, stringing, and
maintenance of the bus and tag cables. The bus and tag cables
must be fully populated cable sets.
All IPDS resources (print data sets, page definitions, form
definitions, page segments, fonts, and overlays) that are
supported by the IBM 3825 and 3827 printers are supported by
the Xerox software. Additionally, the data towers that are
supported within the AFP environment by the IBM 3825 and IBM
3827 printers are fully supported by the software. Data towers
supported are:
IM Image IMD1
FOCA: Font Object Content Architecture
MO:DCA-P: Mixed Object Document Content Architecture for
PTOCA PT1, PT2, and PT3: Presentation Text Object
Content Architecture
IOCA: Image Object Content Architecture
GOCA: Graphics Object Content Architecture
BCOCA: Bar code Object Content Architecture
IPDS printing environment


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