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Developer; Diskettes; Cartridge Tapes; Stacker Containers And Pallets - Xerox DocuPrint 100 User Manual

System overview guide
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Cartridge tapes

Stacker containers and pallets

Developer is not consumed by the printer but does have an
effective life of approximately 1,000,000 pages per carton
(600,000 per carton for MICR developer). Both kinds of
developer are guaranteed by Xerox for 600,000 pages per
carton. Developer is a required item and must be kept on hand.
Use only the developer specified for use in your 96, 4635,or 180
The 96/4635/180 MICR printers require a different developer,
with a different part number, from the developer used in the
standard 96/4635/180 printer. Be sure you use only designated
MICR developer in the 96/4635/180 MICR printers.
The developer is changed by your service representative. For
product information, refer to the consumable supplies table in
this appendix.
Diskettes are optional items that provide loading and backup of
fonts, forms, and user files to and from the printing system. The
processor accepts 3.5-inch, 1.44 MB, double-sided, high density
The optional 4 mm cartridge tape drive uses 5 GB or 8 GB tapes.
The optional quarter-inch cartridge (QIC) tape drive uses 150
MB QIC tapes.
Stacker containers can be placed inside the stacker bins to
receive and neatly stack large amounts of output. These
containers are available in a variety of sizes, accommodating
various standard U. S. and international paper sizes. Different
sized pallets for containerless stacking can also be ordered.
System Overview Guide


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