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System overview guide
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Purge tray
Attention light
System Overview Guide
Figure 3-4. High-capacity stacker bin control panel
1. Ready to Unload indicator
When this indicator glows, you can remove printed sheets
from the stacker bin.
2. Please Wait indicator
When this indicator glows, the elevator is in motion. This
indicator goes off when the platform reaches its destination.
3. Bin Unload button
Pressing this button causes the bin elevator to lower. If the
bin is in use and is part of a STACKER GROUP combination,
the printed pages begin stacking in the other stacker bin. If
the bin is not in use, there is no effect on printing operations.
If this is the only bin in a STACKER GROUP, printing will stop.
4. In Use indicator
When this indicator glows, the bin is selected to receive the
next printed sheet.
The purge tray is located on top of the feeder/stacker module.
Aborted sheets (for example, damaged sheets or sheets cleared
after a paper jam) are sent to this tray. The purge tray can hold
up to 100 sheets of paper.
An attention light is mounted on top of the inverter module. The
attention light signals when the printer requires operator
Off: No printer problems exist that require your attention.
Steady light: A situation exists that needs your attention
(such as low dry ink condition).
Flashing: The printer has stopped and requires your
attention immediately.
Printer components and options


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