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Color Image Support; Background Color For Oca Colors; Bi-Level Ioca Colors; Outline Font Support - Xerox DocuPrint 100 User Manual

System overview guide
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Color image support

Background color for OCA colors

Bi-level IOCA colors

Outline font support

System Overview Guide
Some IM1 images (for example, logos) can be converted to
IOCA for resolution correction. The bi-level IOCA feature enables
such IM1 images to be printed in color on the highlight-color
printer. PSF does not strip the color information from the print
Also supported are JPEG compressed IOCA, as well as JPEG
and EPS files in object containers.
NOTE: Hosts may not support JPEG files in object containers.
Users can specify COLOR on DRAWBOX (i.e., background
color) as long as the color is restricted to colors defined with the
OCA model.
The printer accepts the new IOCA color spaces in the extended
controls (referred to as the "4E" color triplets). These include the
Highlight Color and Standard OCA Color.
The printer supports the use of IBM outline fonts for both single-
byte and double-byte applications. These fonts must be
downloaded during the jobs.
These outline fonts allow users to specify a single font that can
be rasterized in a variety of point sizes by the printer. The IBM
outline fonts are based on Adobe type 1 and type 0 fonts that are
in PostScript format.
IPDS printing environment


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