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Software License - Xerox DocuPrint 100 User Manual

System overview guide
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System overview

Software license

In order to use the operating system software, the owner must
obtain a software license from Xerox. The license, which is a 20-
character text string, is entered at the printer controller keyboard.
Your Xerox service representative can obtain this license text
string for you and enter it when the printer is installed or when
the software is upgraded. Although your service representative
usually does this for you, you are able to enter your license string
yourself from the NPS/IPS main window.
Until the license string is entered, your printer cannot print or
receive data. You can, however, perform all offline tasks, such as
setting up virtual printers.
For details on obtaining and entering the license string, refer to
the Guide to Configuring and Managing the System.
System Overview Guide


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