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Maintenance - Canon DIM-462 Instruction Manual

Canon instruction manual digital video camcorder dim-462
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Avoid high temperatures and high humidity.
• Do not leave the camcorder inside a car in hot weather, for example.
• Be careful of heat radiating from video lighting equipment.
• Do not take the camcorder into a humid room.
Avoid sudden changes in temperature.
• If you take the camcorder from a cold place to a warm place, condensation may form on the lens
and internal parts (
Do not point the lens or viewfinder at strong light sources.
• Never point it at the sun, and do not leave it aimed at a bright subject.
• Be especially careful when leaving the camcorder on a tripod.
Avoid magnetic or electric fields.
• Do not use the camcorder close to TV transmitters, portable communication devices or other
sources of electric or magnetic radiation. They may cause picture interference, or permanently
damage the camcorder.
Do not expose the camcorder to water.
• Cover the camcorder when you are recording in rain or mist.
• There is a risk of electric shock if water gets inside the camcorder — contact qualified service
personnel as soon as possible.
Protect the lens.
• Sand and dust can damage the lens — be especially careful on windy days.
Handle the camcorder gently.
• Vibration or shock can cause damage.
• Do not use the viewfinder or LCD panel as a carrying handle.
Do not disassemble the camcorder.
• This is very dangerous as there is a risk of electric shock — if the camcorder does not function
properly, take it to qualified service personnel.


Table of Contents

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