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Optional Accessories - Canon DIM-462 Instruction Manual

Canon instruction manual digital video camcorder dim-462
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Optional Accessories

Call or visit your local retailer/dealer for genuine Canon video accessories. You can also obtain
genuine accessories for your Canon camcorder by calling: 1-800-828-4040, Canon U.S.A.
Information Center.
BP-915, BP-930, BP-945 Battery Packs
Extra batteries for use with the GL2.
CB-920 Car Battery Adapter
Power your camcorder, or recharge battery packs on the
move. The car battery adapter plugs into your car's
cigarette lighter socket and runs off a 12–24 V DC
negative ground battery.
CH-910 Dual Battery Charger/Holder
This holds two battery packs and can charge them both
consecutively. It can then be connected directly to the
GL2 to give twice the recording/playback time. It can
also make use of the high performance battery pack
BP-945, to give up to 14 hrs. recording time.
WD-58H Wide-converter
This lens decreases focal length by a factor of 0.7,
giving you a wide perspective for indoor shots or
panoramic views.
DM-50 Directional Stereo Microphone
This highly sensitive, super-directional microphone
attaches to a camcorder's advanced accessory shoe. It is
a highly sensitive microphone that can be switched
between functioning as a directional microphone
(monaural) or a stereo microphone that also clearly
picks up sounds arriving from the front of the
microphone, for full recorded sound.
VL-3 Video Light
Attach the Video Light to a camcorder when recording
in dark rooms. When on its automatic setting, the Video
Light turns on/off automatically according to the
brightness level of shooting conditions.


Table of Contents

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