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Sony DSLR-A700H User’s Guide User's And Troubleshooting Manual Page 150

Digital single lens reflex camera.
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The image has not been recorded.
A memory card is not inserted.
The shutter does not release.
Check the free capacity of the memory card (page 24). If it is full, do one of the following:
Delete unnecessary images (
Change the memory card.
You cannot record images while charging the built-in flash (
The shutter cannot be released when the subject is out of focus. (The shutter lock can be
deactivated (page 102).)
The shutter cannot be released when the camera is attached to another device, such as an
astronomical telescope, etc. (The shutter lock can be deactivated in this situation (page 109).)
The shutter cannot be released with "----" flashing at the lower-right corner on the LCD
monitor and "0" flashing in the viewfinder. This indication means a memory card is not
inserted in the camera or an incorrect type of memory card is selected. Select your memory
card type with [Memory card] in the
camera (
The shutter cannot be released with "--" lit at the upper-right corner on the LCD monitor. This
indication means the lens is not attached properly. Attach the lens properly (
"Read This First").
Recording takes a long time.
The noise reduction function is activated (page 103). This is not a malfunction.
You are shooting in RAW mode (page 96). Since the RAW data file is large, the RAW mode
shooting may take time.
The image is out of focus.
The subject is too close. Check the minimum focal distance of the lens.
You are shooting in manual focus mode, set to auto focus mode with the focus mode lever
(page 52).
You try to shoot a subject that may require special focusing (page 50). Use the focus-lock or
manual focus function (pages 51, 53).
The flash does not work.
The built-in flash is closed. Pull it up.
The flash mode is set to [Autoflash]. If you want to make sure the flash fires without fail, set
the flash mode to [Fill-flash] (page 73).
Fuzzy specks appear in images shot using the flash.
Dust in the air reflected the flash light and appeared in the image. This is not a malfunction.
step 3 in "Read This First", page 123).
step 6 in "Read This First").
Setup menu, then insert your memory card into the
step 5 in "Read This First").
step 2 in


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