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Side Trim Strips; Water (Salt) Softener (Selected Models) - Bosch SHP65TL5UC Repair Instructions

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Side trim strips

Side trim strips aren't mounted with screws, but snap into slots in
tank front flanges. No tools are needed unless the dishwasher
needs to be pulled out for access.
5.18.1 Removing side trim strips
Tools needed: #2 Phillips screwdriver.
1. Disconnect & pull out dishwasher – section, if
necessary for access.
2. Twist trim strips away from dishwasher tank flange. Tabs
in trim strips snap into front tank flange slots (below).
5.18.2 Installing side trim strips
1. Align hole in bottom of each trim strip with the hinge screw
(below). There is also a lip on the back of the hinge to
help line up the holes.
Rotate trim strip into tank flange until the three (3) tabs
snap into corresponding tank flange slots.
This material is intended for the sole use of BSH authorized persons and may contain confidential and proprietary
information. Any unauthorized review, use, copying, disclosure, or distribution in any format is prohibited.

Water (salt) softener (selected models)

5.19.1 Removing regeneration valve
Removing the regeneration valve saves time and money
compared to replacing the entire salt softener.
Tools needed:
T20 Torx, #2 Phillips & small flat blade
1. Disconnect & pull out dishwasher – section
2. Remove water from the water level control and the water
softener to prevent leaking.
3. To remove the valve coil, rotate it ccw (i.e. to the left)
and pull it out from the softener (below). The valve body
will remain in the softener.
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