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Operation; Control Layout; Using Controls - Bosch SHP65TL5UC Repair Instructions

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Control layout


Using controls

Press the On / Off button to turn on the dishwasher. The light
over the last selected wash cycle will display. To use a different
wash cycle, press it's cycle button. Choose any desired options
by pressing their buttons. To start any wash cycle, press the
Start button.
Digital display Front fascia panel display
The front fascia panel digital display shows the status at each
point during the wash cycle, shows when the wash cycle has
completed and displays a reminder to add rinse aid.
This material is intended for the sole use of BSH authorized persons and may contain confidential and proprietary
information. Any unauthorized review, use, copying, disclosure, or distribution in any format is prohibited.
The Sanitize light in the display comes on after the Sanitize
option was chosen with Heavy, Auto or Normal cycles when the
cycles have finished, showing dishes have been sanitized
according to NSF standards.
with Delicate, Speed60 or Rinse cycles.
The Add Rinse Aid light in the display shows rinse-aid needs to
be added.
Delay is similar to Delay Start, allowing wash programs to be
started later, anywhere from 1 – 24 hours.
Half Load shortens wash programs by directing water to the top
rack, saving time and energy. It's useful for small, lightly soiled
loads (up to around ½ of the dishwasher capacity).
The Sanitize option isn't available
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