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Door Spring; Terminal Box - Bosch SHP65TL5UC Repair Instructions

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Door spring

The door spring mechanism uses a "sliding" pulley and cord to
provide proper tension and enable self-closing. The fixed sliding
pulley is attached by two screws (including one inside the bottom
pulley). The cord slides on the pulley, using the friction between
it and the cord to provide better control.
1 2
The spring slides into a slotted pocket in the side of the base and
connects to the cord.
Springs are color coded for specific
1. Cord holder
2. Sliding pulley
3. Cord
4. Door spring
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Terminal box

All dishwashers have terminal boxes with covers, conduit / cord
exits and dishwasher cords. The dishwasher cord plugs into
the power module, accessed through the left rear of the
dishwasher base.
4.11.1 Terminal block
Terminal blocks clearly show line (L), neutral (N) & ground (
Dishwasher cords have spade terminals which
connect to terminals on the terminal block.
NOTE: An optional power cord is available, which plugs
into the power module and replaces the junction box with
cord provided with the dishwasher (SMZPC002UC –
service # 747210).
NOTE: The plug has
notches which keep
it plugged into the
power module.
1. Notch
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