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Resetting The Dishwasher; Interrupting A Cycle; Changing Basic Settings - Bosch SHP65TL5UC Repair Instructions

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The Delicate option can be chosen only with Heavy, Auto and
Normal cycles. It's best used for lightly soiled items.
TIP: The dishwasher automatically defaults to Auto when
turned off and back on. If the Sanitize option was used in
the last cycle, the dishwasher will default to Auto with the
Sanitize option selected.
The Extra Shine option can be chosen with any wash cycle
except Rinse. It raises the rinse temperature and extends the
drying time to further enhance drying.

Resetting the dishwasher

To reset the dishwasher or cancel a wash cycle, press and hold
the Start button for about three (3) seconds until the display
shows "0:01". Close the door and wait about one minute for the
dishwasher to stop draining and for the display to show "0:00".
Turn the dishwasher off (by pressing the On / Off button) after it
stops draining.
This material is intended for the sole use of BSH authorized persons and may contain confidential and proprietary
information. Any unauthorized review, use, copying, disclosure, or distribution in any format is prohibited.

Interrupting a cycle

To interrupt a wash cycle, press the On / Off button to turn the
dishwasher off. To resume the wash cycle, press the On / Off
button again to turn the dishwasher on.

Changing basic settings

Intensive Drying feature can be turned on or off, End of Cycle
Tones can be changed and rinse-aid dosage can be changed
using dishwasher controls.
NOTE: For SHP / SHX / SHV models with hidden controls,
the door must be opened before changing settings and
closed after changing settings.
Intensive Drying ("Extra Dry")
Intensive Drying provides a higher temperature during the final
rinse to improve drying. It may cause a slightly longer running
Press the On / Off button to turn the dishwasher on.
pressing and holding the "A" button (below), press and hold the
Start button until the display shows "d:00". Release both buttons.
Press the "C" button (above) to turn Intensive Drying on or off
("d:01" = On and "d:00" = Off). Press the Start button to save the
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