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Miele WCI 860 Operating Instructions Manual page 78

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Problem solving guide
 Clean the drain filters thoroughly.
 Remove any foreign objects (e.g. but-
tons, coins, etc.) and clean the in-
terior. Turn the impellers by hand to
check that they rotate freely.
 Replace the drain filters correctly (on
the right and left) and tighten them
 Close the drain pump access panel.
Risk of water damage.
Make sure the drain filters are se-
curely tightened. Otherwise there is a
risk of water leakage during use.
Replace the drain filters correctly and
tighten them securely.
Open the door
Danger of injury due to rotating
Reaching into a moving drum is ex-
tremely dangerous.
Always make sure that the drum is
stationary before reaching in to re-
move laundry.
 Use a screwdriver to unlock the door.
 Pull open the door.

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