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Select Programme Settings; Selecting A Temperature/Spin Speed; Selecting An Extra Option; Level Of Soiling - Miele WCI 860 Operating Instructions Manual

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4. Select programme settings

Selecting a temperature/spin
You can alter the preset temperature/
spin speed of a wash programme if
this option is permitted for that pro-
The temperatures reached inside the
washing machine might not be the
same as the temperatures selected.
Perfect wash results are achieved
through a combination of energy use
and wash duration.
 Touch the  sensor controls above
or below the temperature or spin
speed value in the display until the
temperature/spin speed you want ap-
pears in the display.

Selecting an extra option

 Touch the sensor for the extra you
want. It then lights up brightly.
Tip: You can select multiple Extras for a
wash programme.
Not all extra options can be selected
with every programme. If an extra op-
tion is not dimly lit, this option is not
permitted for the wash programme
(see "Extra options").
Extras sensor control
You can select additional extras using
the Extras sensor control.
 Touch the Extras sensor control.
The following appears in the display:
No Extras
 Touch the  sensor controls until
the extra option you want appears in
the display.
 Confirm the extra option with the OK
sensor control.

 Level of soiling

The  sensor is only active with the
TwinDos option activated. See "5. Add
detergent, TwinDos" for more informa-

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