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Operating The Washing Machine; Control Panel - Miele WCI 860 Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating the washing machine

Control panel

a Control field
The control field consists of a dis-
play and various sensor controls.
The individual sensors are explained
in the following sections.
b Display
The following values are shown on
the display and/or selected from it:
1. The temperature, spin speed, and
time left for the selected wash
2. The individual values for selected
extras and settings.
c  sensors
Values shown in the display can be
changed with the  sensors. The
 sensor increases the value or
moves up the list; the  sensor de-
creases the value or moves down
the list.
d OK sensor control
The OK sensor control is used for
confirming selected values.
e TwinDos sensor control with the
additional Whites and Colours
sensor controls
The TwinDos sensor control is used
for deactivating and activating auto-
matic detergent dispensing. De-
pending on the colour mix of your
load, you can control the detergent
combination by selecting the Whites
or Colours sensor control.
Further information can be found in
f Optical interface
This is used by the Service depart-
ment as a transmission point.

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