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Miele@Home - Miele WCI 860 Operating Instructions Manual

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Before using for the first time


Your washing machine is equipped
with an integrated WiFi module.
In order to use it you need:
– a WiFi network
– the Miele@mobile App
– a Miele user account. The user ac-
count can be created via the
Miele@mobile App.
The Miele@mobile App will guide you
as you connect your washing machine
to your home WiFi network.
Once your washing machine is connec-
ted to your WiFi network you can use
the App, for example, to carry the fol-
lowing activities:
– Operate your washing machine re-
– Access information about the operat-
ing status of your washing machine
– Access information about a pro-
gramme sequence on your washing
Connecting your washing machine to
your WiFi network will increase energy
consumption, even when the washing
machine is switched off.
Before installing the washing ma-
chine in its final location, ensure the
signal strength is sufficient for your
WiFi network.
Availability of the WiFi connection
The WiFi connection shares a frequency
range with other appliances (including
microwave ovens and remote control
toys). This can give rise to sporadic or
even complete connection failures.
Therefore, the availability of featured
functions cannot be guaranteed.
Miele@home availability
The ability to use the Miele@mobile app
depends on the availability of the
Miele@home service in your country.
The Miele@home service is not avail-
able in every country.
For information about availability,
please visit
Miele@mobile App
The Miele@mobile App is available to
download free of charge from the Apple
App Store
or from the Google Play

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