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Miele WCI 860 Operating Instructions Manual page 15

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g Sensors for extra options
You can supplement wash pro-
grammes with extra options.
If a wash programme has been se-
lected, the sensor controls for the
possible Extras light up dimly.
h  sensor control
You can view information about the
energy and water consumption of
your washing machine with the 
See "Washing environmentally and
economically, Eco Feedback" for
more information.
The following information will appear
in the display:
– An estimate of the energy and wa-
ter consumption before the pro-
gramme begins.
– The actual energy and water con-
sumption and the cost during the
programme or at the end of the
i  sensor
The  sensor starts the delay start
function. With Delay start you can
delay the start of the programme.
The start of the programme can be
delayed from 15 minutes up to a
maximum of 24 hours. This allows
you to make use of night-time eco-
nomy electricity rates, for example.
Please see "Delay start" for more in-
Operating the washing machine
j  sensor
You can specify the level of soiling of
the load in three settings. This
sensor is only active with the
TwinDos option activated.
k Start/Add laundry sensor control
The programme can be started
as soon as the sensor control
is flashing on and off. Touching
the Start/Add laundry sensor
control starts the selected pro-
gramme. The sensor control
lights up constantly.
Once the programme has been
started, the Start/Add laundry
sensor control allows you to
add laundry.
l  sensor
This sensor is used for activating
Cap dispensing.
m Programme selector
This is used for selecting pro-
grammes and for switching off. The
washing machine is switched on
when you select a programme, and
switched off by turning the pro-
gramme selector to the  position.

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