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Language; Twindos - Miele WCI 860 Operating Instructions Manual

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Language 
The display can be set to appear in
one of several different languages.
The  flag after the word
as a guide in case a language which is
not understood has been set.
The language selected is saved.


You can set the type of detergent and
dispensing quantities and check the
fill level of the UltraPhase 1 and
UltraPhase 2 cartridges.
Change dosage
The values set for dispensing deter-
gent from compartments  and 
can be checked and corrected.
Check level
This function is only available when
UltraPhase 1 and 2 are being used.
The fill level is displayed in a bar chart.
The display only works correctly when
the following conditions are met:
1. New (full) cartridges are used.
2. The cartridges must not be removed
from the washing machine before
they need replacing.
Tip: The fill level can be corrected via
the Miele@mobile app.


Select detergent
If you wish to use your own detergent
with the TwinDos function instead of
UltraPhase 1 and 2, you will need to
purchase the empty TwinDos containers
separately (optional accessories).
UltraPhase 1 and 2 can only be dis-
pensed as a package. If a different
agent is selected, the setting for the
other compartment is automatically de-
The following agents can be used:
Fabric conditioner
No agent
Follow the manufacturer's instruc-
tions on dosage given on the pack-
 The dosage amount required for the
agent being used must be set. Follow
the instructions in the display on how
to do so.
Tip: If you select
ive TwinDos compartment will be deac-
No agent
the respect-

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