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Remoteupdate - Miele WCI 860 Operating Instructions Manual

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displayed and can only be selected if
the requirements for using
Miele@home have been met (see "Be-
fore using for the first time –
The RemoteUpdate function is used to
update the software in your washing
machine. If an update is available for
your washing machine, it will automatic-
ally download it. Updates will not be in-
stalled automatically. They must be initi-
ated manually.
If you do not install an update, you can
continue to use your washing machine
in the usual way. However, Miele re-
commends installing updates.
The RemoteUpdate function is activ-
ated as standard. Available updates will
be downloaded automatically but will
only be installed if you initiate installa-
tion manually.
Deactivate RemoteUpdate if you do not
want any updates to be downloaded
 menu option is only
Running RemoteUpdate
Information about the content and
scope of an update will be provided in
the Miele@mobile app.
A message will appear in your washing
machine display if a software update is
You can install the update immediately
or postpone this until later. When the
washing machine is switched on again,
you will be reminded about the update.
Deactivate RemoteUpdate if you do not
want to install the update.
The update may take several minutes.
Please note the following information
about the RemoteUpdate function:
– You will only receive a message when
an update is available.
– Once an update has been installed, it
cannot be undone.
– Do not switch off the washing ma-
chine during an update. Otherwise,
the update will be aborted and will
not be installed.
– Some software updates can only be
carried out by the Miele Customer
Service Department.

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