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Fault Message At The End Of A Programme - Miele WCI 860 Operating Instructions Manual

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Problem solving guide

Fault message at the end of a programme

Check dosage
Hygiene info: run a
programme at min.
75 °C or the "Clean
machine" pro-
The messages will appear at the end of the programme and when the washing
machine is switched on and need to be confirmed with the OK sensor control.
Cause and remedy
Excessive foam has built up during washing.
 With TwinDos, check the dosage amount set.
 Reduce the amount set in 10 % increments.
 Use less detergent next time and follow the manu-
facturer's instructions on dosage given on the
When washing, a wash programme using a temperat-
ure above 60 °C has not been run for a long time.
 Turn the programme selector to Further pro-
 Touch the  sensor controls until
appears in the display.
 Touch the OK sensor control.
The following appears in the display:
 Touch the OK sensor control.
 Run the
Clean machine
chine cleaner or a universal powder detergent.
This will clean the washing machine and prevent a
build-up of bacteria and odours.
Clean machine
programme using Miele ma-

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