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Miele WCI 860 Operating Instructions Manual page 49

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Settings /maintenance
Settings 
You can use the settings function to alter the washing machine's electronics to suit
changing requirements. See "Settings" for more detailed information.
The washing machine has two maintenance programmes.
Clean machine
for cleaning the washing machine.
TwinDos mainten.
"Cleaning and care – TwinDos maintenance" for more details.
Maintenance wash
With frequent washing at low temperatures there is a danger of a build-up of
bacteria in the washing machine.
Cleaning the washing machine will significantly reduce bacteria, mould and
biofilm, as well as prevent the build-up of unpleasant odours.
– Optimum results can be achieved by using Miele's IntenseClean
washing machine cleaner. Alternatively, a universal powder deter-
gent can be used.
– Dispense the washing machine cleaner or universal detergent dir-
ectly in the drum.
– Do not load any laundry. The drum must be empty for the Clean
Machine programme.
for maintenance of the TwinDos compartments /. See
85 °C
Programme chart
No load

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