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Miele WCI 860 Operating Instructions Manual page 74

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Problem solving guide
General problems with the washing machine
Large amounts of deter-
gent residue remain in
the detergent dispenser
Fabric conditioner is not
completely dispensed
or too much water re-
mains in the  com-
At the end of the pro-
gramme there is still li-
quid in the capsule.
There is water in the
fabric conditioner com-
partment next to the
Cause and remedy
The water pressure is too low.
 Clean the water inlet filter.
 It may be useful to select the Water + extra option.
Powder detergent used in conjunction with water
softeners tends to become sticky.
 In future, add washing powder into the dispenser
drawer first, and then add the water softener.
The siphon tube is not correctly positioned or is
 Clean the siphon, see "Cleaning and care - Clean-
ing the detergent dispenser drawer".
The small pipe in the detergent dispenser drawer
onto which the capsule is placed is blocked.
 Clean the small pipe.
This is not a fault.
For technical reasons a small amount of water will
remain in the capsule.
The  sensor control was not activated.
 Activate the  sensor control when a capsule is
next used.
An empty capsule was not removed at the end of the
last wash programme.
 Remove and dispose of the empty capsule at the
end of each programme.
There is a blockage in the small pipe in the detergent
drawer onto which the capsule is placed.
 Clean the small pipe.

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