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Fabric Care; Additives; Machine Care - Miele WCI 860 Operating Instructions Manual

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Detergents and care products
Fabric care 
These fabric care products are available
as convenient single-use capsules.
Fabric conditioner cap
– Fabric conditioner for freshly scented
– Pure and thorough cleanliness with a
fresh scent
– For soft, bouncy laundry
– Prevents static charge in clothes
Cap ImpraProtect
– Proofing agent for sportswear and
waterproof clothing
– Effective proofing to protect against
water and wind, and to give a dirt-re-
pellent finish
– Retains the breathability of fabrics
Additives 
Additives are available as convenient
single-use capsules.
Cap Booster
– Highly effective stain remover
– Enzyme technology to help remove
stubborn stains
– Suitable for whites and colours
– For best wash results even at low

Machine care

– Cleaning agent for the TwinDos dis-
pensing system
– Use before a prolonged downtime (at
least 2 months)
– Use before changing to a different
Descaling agent
– Removes heavy limescale deposits
– Mild and gentle with natural citric
– Gentle on heater elements, drum and
other components
– For hygienic cleanliness in washing
– Removes grease, bacteria and asso-
ciated unpleasant odours
– Effective thorough cleaning
Water softener tablets
– Reduces the amount of detergent
needed for hard water
– Less detergent residue in fabrics
– Less chemicals in waste water due to
reduced amount of detergent

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