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Ecofeedback - Miele WCI 860 Operating Instructions Manual

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 EcoFeedback

You can view information about the en-
ergy and water consumption of your
washing machine with the  sensor.
The following information will appear in
the display:
– An estimate of the energy and water
consumption before the programme
– The actual energy and water con-
sumption and the cost during the
programme or at the end of the pro-
1. Estimate
 After selecting a programme, touch
the  sensor.
The estimated energy and water con-
sumption levels will be displayed as a
bar chart.
 
   
The more bars visible ( ) , the higher the
energy or water consumption.
The estimate will vary depending on the
wash programme, temperature and any
options selected.
 Touch the OK sensor or wait until the
display automatically returns to the
standard display.
Washing environmentally and economically
  
 
2. Actual consumption
You can view the actual amount of en-
ergy and water used by a programme
both during and at the end of the pro-
 Touch the  sensor.
 Use the  sensors to change to the
estimated water consumption levels.
The consumption will alter as the pro-
gramme progresses.
If the door is opened or the machine
has switched off automatically at the
end of the programme, the data will
revert to the estimated consumption.
Tip: You can view the consumption
data for the last wash programme in
Settings 
< 0.1 kWh

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