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Miele WCI 860 Operating Instructions Manual page 57

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 = low water level
 = medium water level
 = high water level
 = intensive rhythm
 = normal rhythm
 = sensitive rhythm
 = handwash rhythm
 = carried out
= not carried out
This washing machine has fully elec-
tronic controls with automatic load con-
trol. The washing machine takes in the
right amount of water required for the
programme depending on the amount
of laundry and its absorbency rate.
The programme sequences outlined in
the chart are based on the basic pro-
gramme with a full load.
The washing machine programme se-
quence display shows which stage of
the programme has been reached.
Programme sequence
Special features in the pro-
gramme sequence
At the end of the programme, the drum
continues to turn at intervals for up to
30 minutes to help prevent creasing.
Exception: There is no anti-crease
phase in the Woollens  and
Silks  programmes.
The washing machine can be opened at
any time.
If a temperature of 60 °C or higher is
selected, and with  and ,
two rinses are carried out. If a tem-
perature of less than 60 °C is selec-
ted, three rinses are carried out.
An additional rinse is carried out if:
– there is too much foam in the drum
– a spin speed lower than 700 rpm has
been selected.
An additional rinse is carried out if:
– The Water + extra option has been
selected and the options
Extra water + rinse
ated in the Settings menu.
Run-up to spin: A run-up to spin is
carried out before the wash process
begins to deflate down-filled items.
Subsequent water intake for the main
wash is through compartment .
An additional rinse is carried out if:
the Water + extra option has been se-
Extra water
have been activ-

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