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Miele WCI 860 Operating Instructions Manual page 12

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Warning and Safety instructions
Take care when opening the drum door after using the steam
function. Danger of burning due to escaping steam and the high
temperature of the surface of the drum as well as the porthole glass.
Stand back away from the machine and wait until the steam has dis-
The maximum load for this washing machine is 9 kg (dry weight).
See the "Programme chart" for the maximum recommended loads
for individual programmes.
If the correct amount of detergent is dispensed, the machine
should not need to be descaled. If, however, you do wish to descale
it, only use a proprietary natural citric acid based descaling agent.
Miele recommends using Miele descaling agent which is available to
order online at or from Miele. Strictly observe the
instructions on the packaging.
Textiles which have been pre-treated in solvent based cleaning
agents must be thoroughly rinsed in clean water before being
washed in the machine.
Do not use solvent based cleaning agents, e.g. those containing
benzine, in this machine, as this may result in damage to component
parts and create toxic fumes. Such agents also pose a fire and ex-
plosion hazard.
Do not use solvent based cleaning agents, e.g. those containing
benzine, to clean the surfaces of the machine. They can cause dam-
age to plastic surfaces.
Only use dyes specified by the manufacturer as being suitable for
use in a domestic washing machine. Always observe the manufac-
turer's instructions carefully.

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