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Fault Message After A Programme Has Been Interrupted - Miele WCI 860 Operating Instructions Manual

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Fault message after a programme has been interrupted.

Drainage See 
Water intake See
Waterproof system.
Turn off   Ser-
 Service Fault F
To switch off the fault message: Turn the programme selector to the  position
and switch the washing machine off.
Cause and remedy
The drain is blocked or restricted.
The drain hose has been fixed too high.
 Clean the drain filter and the drain pump.
 The maximum drain height is 1 m.
The water inlet is blocked or restricted.
 Check whether the stopcock has been properly
 Check whether the inlet hose is kinked.
 Check whether there is sufficient water pressure.
The filter in the water inlet is blocked.
 Clean the filter.
The drain pump is activated for 2 minutes. The washing
machine door is then released. Wait for the drain pump
to stop before switching the washing machine off.
The water protection system has reacted.
 Close the stopcock.
 Call the Miele Customer Service Department.
There is a fault.
 Disconnect the washing machine from the electri-
city supply. Switch off at the wall and withdraw the
plug from the socket, or disconnect the fuse.
 Wait at least 2 minutes before reconnecting the
washing machine to the electricity supply.
 Switch the washing machine on again.
 Restart the programme.
If the fault message appears again, contact the
Miele Customer Service Department.
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