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Mounting The Dome Camera Using The Side Cable Entry Hole - Motorola Avigilon H5A Series Installation Manual

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 4. Drive 3 screws to fasten the wall plate to the ceiling or wall.
Note: It is recommended that silicone sealant be applied around the edges of the wall plate
gasket to prevent moisture from entering the mounting surface.
 5. Insert the sealing grommet with the required cables pulled through into the cable entry hole on the
bottom of the camera. For more information, see
page 20.
 6. Mount the camera body to the wall plate with the wall plate mounting screws.

Mounting the Dome Camera Using the Side Cable Entry Hole

Perform the following steps if you will be mounting to a surface with the required cables coming out of an
external conduit pipe. Use this procedure if the mounting surface cannot be easily cut, or when cables must
be brought along the outside of the mounting surface.
 1. Use the mounting template to drill three mounting holes and position the conduit pipe correctly.
 2. Pull the required cables through the conduit.
 3. Pull the required cables through the provided pipe grommet.
Note: The pipe grommet only accepts uncrimped Ethernet cables.
Mounting the Dome Camera Using the Side Cable Entry Hole
Inserting Cables through the Sealing Grommet on


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