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Installation; Required Tools And Materials; Camera Package Contents; Installation Steps - Motorola Avigilon 2.0C-H5A-B1 Installation Manual

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Required Tools and Materials

Small slotted screwdriver with 5/64" or 2 mm blade width — for connecting power when not using
Power over Ethernet.
Mounting bracket, enclosure or tripod.

Camera Package Contents

Avigilon H5A IP Box Camera

Installation Steps

Complete the following sections to install the device.

Mounting the Camera

Camera mounting points are provided on both the top and bottom of the camera body. Use these mounting
points to mount the camera on a bracket, in an enclosure, or on a tripod. The mounting points have ¼"-20
UNC threaded holes which allow them to accept standard photographic mounting bolts.
Consult the installation instructions provided with the bracket, enclosure or tripod for detailed mounting
WARNING — Use only UL-listed mounting bracket suitable for the mounting surface and minimum
0.7 kg (1.6 lb) weight.

Connecting Cables

Refer to the diagrams in the Overview section for the location of the different connectors.
To connect the cables required for proper operation, complete the following:
1. If external input or output devices are part of the installation (for example: door contacts, relays, etc.),
connect the devices to the I/O connector block.
2. If an external microphone needs to be connected to the camera, connect the device to the camera
A/V connector.
For more information see
3. (2.0 megapixel models only) If an external video monitor needs to be connected to the camera,
connect the device to the camera A/V Connector.
Connecting to Microphones, Speakers, and Video Monitors on
page 10.


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