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Mounting The Dome Camera Using The Side Cable Entry Hole; Mounting The Dome Camera To An Electrical Box - Motorola Avigilon H5A Series Installation Manual

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Mounting the Dome Camera Using the Side Cable Entry Hole

Perform the following steps if you will be mounting to a surface with the required cables coming out of an
external conduit. Use this procedure if the mounting surface cannot be easily cut or when cables must be
brought along the outside of the mounting surface.
 1. Use the mounting template to drill four mounting holes and to cut the conduit to the correct length.
 2. Pull the required cables through the conduit.
 3. (Optional) Mount the wall plate on the rear of the camera using the wall plate mounting screws.
 4. Drive four screws into the mounting holes to fasten the dome camera to the ceiling or wall.
 5. Remove the sidewall plug to expose the side cable entry hole. Depending on the size of the conduit,
use one of the following methods:
 a. If using a ½" or 20 mm conduit, remove the sidewall plug from the housing, and use pliers to
remove the center knockout piece. Insert the remaining plug back into the housing.
 b. For larger conduits, remove the sidewall plug entirely.

Mounting the Dome Camera to an Electrical Box

Perform the following steps if the required electrical components and cables will be contained in an
electrical gang box inside the mounting surface.
 1. Mount the wall plate to the electrical box. Use the hole configuration that matches the box:
  A — UK standard single gang box
  B — Octagon gang box
  C — 4" gang box
  D — US standard single gang box
 2. Use the leveling edge to make sure that the camera is level with the box.
Mounting the Dome Camera Using the Side Cable Entry Hole


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