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Sony STR-DN1020 Operating Instructions Manual Page 122

Multi channel av receiver.
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You cannot play audio data normally.
• Shuffle Play is selected. Press SHIFT, then
press SHUFFLE repeatedly until "SHUF"
Play does not start, or does not
automatically change to the next track
or file.
• Make sure that the audio file you are trying
to play is in a format supported by this
receiver (page 73).
• WMA files with DRM copyright
protection cannot be played back.
For how to check the copyright protection
of a WMA file, see page 74.
The sound skips during playback.
• When using your computer as a server, the
computer may be running many
applications. If anti-virus software is
active on the computer, temporarily
disable the software as it needs large
amount of system resources.
• Depending on the network environment, it
may not be possible to play tracks with
more than one device operating at the
same time. Turn off another device to
enable the receiver to play tracks.
"Cannot Play" appears.
• You cannot play any files other than audio
• Confirm that the server has been set
correctly (page 69). Confirm that the
receiver has been registered to the server
and allows the music streaming from the
• Check to confirm whether the audio file on
the server has been damaged or erased.
Refer to the operating instructions
supplied with the server.
• You cannot play the following tracks:
– A track that violates playback
– A track with irregular copyright
– A track that you purchased at an online
music store that does not allow home
network streaming.
– A track in a format unsupported by the
receiver (page 73).
• Confirm that the selected track has not
been erased from the server. If the track
has been erased, select another track.
• Make sure that the router is turned on.
• Make sure that the server is turned on.
• The server may be unstable. Restart it.
• Confirm that the receiver and the server
are connected to the router correctly.
"No Track" appears.
• If there are no tracks or folders in the
selected folder, you cannot extend the
folder to display its contents.
You cannot play a copyrighted WMA
format track.
• For how to check the copyright protection
of a WMA file, see page 74.
You cannot select a previously
selected track.
• The track information may have been
changed on the server. Reselect the server
in the server list (page 72).
Devices on the home network cannot
connect to the receiver.
• "Network Standby" may be set to "Off".
Turn on the receiver or set "Network
Standby" to "On" (page 101).
• Confirm that the network is correctly set
up. If it is not, the connection cannot be
made (page 99).
• The device on the device list is set to "Not
Allow" (page 100), or the device is not
added to the device list (page 100).
• A maximum of 20 connectable devices has
been set. Delete unnecessary devices on
the device list, and then set "Auto Access"
to "Allow" (page 100).
• Server operation of the receiver is
suspended if the receiver is conducting
one of the following operations.
– Playing a track stored on the server (the
receiver is operating as a player)
– Updating the software


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