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Sony STR-DN1020 Operating Instructions Manual Page 120

Multi channel av receiver.
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There is noise, skipping, or distorted
• Turn off the receiver and reconnect the
USB device, then turn on the receiver.
• The music data itself contains noise, or the
sound is distorted.
The USB device cannot be connected
into the
(USB) port.
• The USB device is being connected
backwards. Connect the USB device in the
correct orientation.
"Reading" is displayed for an extended
time, or it takes a long time before
playback starts.
• The reading process can take a long time
in the following cases.
– There are many folders or files on the
USB device.
– The file structure is extremely complex.
– The memory capacity is excessive.
– The internal memory is fragmented.
Thus, we recommend following these
– Total folders on USB device: 100 or less
(including "ROOT" folder)
– Total files per folder: 100 or less.
Erroneous display.
• The data stored in the USB device may
have been corrupted.
• The character codes that can be displayed
by this receiver are as follows:
– Upper cases (A to Z)
– Lower case (a to z)
– Numbers (0 to 9)
– Symbols (' < > * + , – . / @ [ \ ] _ `)
Other characters may not be displayed
The USB device is not recognized.
• Turn off the receiver, then disconnect the
USB device. Turn on the receiver again
and reconnect the USB device.
• Connect the supported USB device
(page 52).
• The USB device does not work properly.
Refer to the USB device operating
instruction on how to deal with this
Playback does not start.
• Turn off the receiver and reconnect the
USB device, then turn on the receiver.
• Connect the supported USB device
(page 52).
• Press N to start playback.
Audio file cannot be played back.
• MP3 files in MP3 PRO format cannot be
played back.
• The audio file is a multiple track audio file.
• Some AAC files may not be played back
• WMA files in Windows Media Audio
Lossless and Professional format cannot
be played back.
• USB device formatted with file systems
other than FAT16 or FAT32 are
• If you use partitioned USB device, only
audio files on the first partition can be
played back.
• Playback is possible up to 8 levels
(including "ROOT" folder).
• The number of folders has exceeded 100
(including "ROOT" folder).
• The number of files in a folder has
exceeded 100.
• Files that are encrypted or protected by
passwords, etc. cannot be played back.
* This unit supports FAT16 and FAT32, but some
USB device may not support all of these FAT.
For details, refer to the operating instruction of
each USB device or contact the manufacturer.


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