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Safety Instructions - Mitsubishi Electric 800 Series Hardware Instruction Manual

Separated converter type.
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Safety instructions

Thank you for choosing Mitsubishi Electric inverter.
This Instruction Manual describes handling and cautions about the hardware, such as installation and wiring, for the FR-A802
(separated converter type) inverter that are different from the FR-A800.
Information about the software, such as basic operations and parameters, is described in the FR-A800 Instruction Manual
(Detailed) in the CD-ROM enclosed with the product. In addition to this manual, read all the relevant instruction manuals on the
enclosed CD-ROM carefully to ensure proper use. Do not use this product until you have a full knowledge of this product's
workings, safety information and instructions.
Please forward this Instruction Manual to the end user.
Do not attempt to install, operate, maintain or inspect this product until you have read the Instruction Manuals and appended
documents carefully. Do not use this product until you have a full knowledge of this product mechanism, safety information and
Installation, operation, maintenance and inspection must be performed by qualified personnel. Here, qualified personnel means
a person who meets all the following conditions:
• A person who possesses a certification in regard with electric appliance handling, or person took a proper engineering
training. Such training may be available at your local Mitsubishi Electric office. Contact your local sales office for schedules
and locations.
• A person who can access operating manuals for the protective devices (for example, light curtain) connected to the safety
control system, or a person who has read these manuals thoroughly and familiarized themselves with the protective
In this Instruction Manual, the safety instruction levels are classified into "WARNING" and "CAUTION".
Incorrect handling may cause hazardous conditions, resulting in death or severe injury.
Incorrect handling may cause hazardous conditions, resulting in medium or slight injury,
or may cause only material damage.
Note that even the
instructions of both levels as they are critical to personnel safety.
level may lead to a serious consequence depending on conditions. Be sure to follow the


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