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Mitsubishi Electric 800 Series Hardware Instruction Manual Page 8

Separated converter type.
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 Stay away from the equipment after using the retry function in this product as the equipment will restart suddenly after
the output shutoff of this product.
 Depending on the function settings of this product, the product does not stop its output even when the STOP/RESET
key on the operation panel is pressed. To prepare for it, provide a separate circuit and switch (to turn OFF the power of
this product, or apply a mechanical brake, etc.) for an emergency stop.
 Be sure to turn OFF the start (STF/STR) signal before clearing the fault as this product will restart the motor suddenly
after a fault is cleared.
 Do not use a PM motor for an application that the motor may be driven by the load and run at a speed higher than the
maximum motor speed.
 Use only a three-phase induction motor or PM motor as a load on this product. Connection of any other electrical
equipment to the output of this product may damage the equipment.
 Performing pre-excitation (by using the LX or X13 signal) during torque control (under Real sensorless vector control)
may rotate a motor at a low speed even though a start command (STF or STR) is not given. This product with the start
command ON may also rotate the motor at a low speed when the speed limit value is set to zero. Confirm that the motor
running does not cause any safety problems before performing pre-excitation.
 Do not modify this product.
 Do not remove any part which is not instructed to be removed in the Instruction Manuals. Doing so may lead to a failure
or damage of this product.


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