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Mitsubishi Electric 800 Series Hardware Instruction Manual Page 7

Separated converter type.
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Additional instructions
The following instructions must be also followed. If this product is handled incorrectly, it may cause unexpected fault,
an injury, or an electric shock.
Transportation and installation
 To prevent injury, wear cut-resistant gloves when opening packaging with sharp tools.
 Use proper lifting techniques or a trolley when carrying products. Failure to do so may lead to injuries.
 Do not stand or place any heavy object on this product.
 Do not stack the boxes containing this product higher than the number recommended.
 When carrying this product, do not hold it by the front cover. It may fall or break.
 During installation, caution must be taken not to drop this product as doing so may cause injuries.
 The product must be installed on a surface that withstands the weight of the product.
 Do not install this product on a hot surface.
 Ensure the mounting orientation of this product is correct.
 Ensure this product is mounted securely in its enclosure.
 Do not install or operate this product if it is damaged or has parts missing.
 Foreign conductive objects must be prevented from entering this product. That includes screws and metal fragments or
other flammable substance such as oil.
 As this product is a precision instrument, do not drop or subject it to impact.
 The surrounding air temperature must be between -10°C and +50°C (non-freezing) for this product at HD (heavy duty),
ND (normal duty) (initial setting), or LD (light duty) rating, and between -10°C and +40°C (non-freezing) for this product
at SLD (super light duty) rating. Otherwise this product may be damaged.
 The ambient humidity must be 95% RH or less (non-condensing) for this product. Otherwise the product may be
damaged. (Refer to
 The temporary storage temperature (applicable to a short limited time such as a transportation time) must be between -
20°C and +65°C. Otherwise this product may be damaged.
 This product must be used indoors (without corrosive gas, flammable gas, oil mist, dust and dirt). Otherwise the product
may be damaged.
 Do not use this product at an altitude above 2500 m. Vibration should not exceed 2.9 m/s
directions. Otherwise this product may be damaged. (Refer to
 If halogens (including fluorine, chlorine, bromine, and iodine) contained in fumigants for wood packages enter this
product, the product may be damaged. Prevent the entry of fumigant residuals or use an alternative method such as heat
disinfection. Note that sterilization or disinfection of wood packages should be performed before packing the product.
 Do not install a power factor correction capacitor, surge absorber, or radio noise filter on the output side of this product.
These devices may overheat or burn out.
 The output of this product (output terminals U, V, W) must be correctly connected to a motor. Otherwise the motor will
rotate inversely.
 Even with the power OFF, high voltage is still applied to the terminals U, V and W while the PM motor is running. Ensure
the PM motor has stopped before carrying out any wiring. Otherwise you may get an electric shock.
 Never connect a PM motor to a commercial power supply. Connecting a commercial power supply to the input terminals
(U, V, W) of a PM motor will burn it out. The PM motor must be applied a power from this product with the output terminals
(U, V, W).
Test operation
 Before starting the test operation, confirm or adjust the parameter settings. Failure to do so may cause some machines
to make unexpected motions.
24for details.)
24for details.)
at 10 to 55 Hz in X, Y, and Z


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