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Replacing A Power Supply - Cisco UCS S3260 Service Manual

Storage server chassis
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Chapter 3
Maintaining the System

Replacing a Power Supply

The system requires four power supplies, which are redundant as 3+1.
Do not mix power supply types in the server. Both power supplies must be identical.
This section contains these procedures:
Replacing an AC Power Supply
To replace or install an AC power supply, follow these steps:
You do not have to power off the system to replace up to one power supply because they are redundant
as 3+1.
Remove the power supply that you are replacing or a blank panel from an empty bay (see
Step 1
Install a new power supply:
Step 2
Replacing an AC Power Supply, page 3-33
Installing a DC Power Supply (First-Time Installation), page 3-34
Replacing a DC Power Supply, page 3-35
See also
Power Specifications, page A-3
See also
Rear-Panel LEDs and Buttons, page 3-4
Remove the power cord from the power supply that you are replacing.
Grasp the power supply handle while pinching the release lever toward the handle.
Pull the power supply out of the bay.
Grasp the power supply handle and insert the new power supply into the empty bay.
Push the power supply into the bay until the release lever locks.
Connect the power cord to the new power supply.
If you powered off the system, press and hold the system Power button for four seconds to return
the system to main power mode.
for power supply specifications.
for information about power supply LEDs.
Cisco UCS S3260 Storage Server Chassis Installation and Service Guide
Installing or Replacing System Components


Table of Contents

Table of Contents