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Replacing Power Supplies - Cisco C4200 Maintaining Manual



Maintaining the Server Chassis
b) Lift on the end of the cover next to the captive screw and then completely remove the cover from the chassis.
Step 3
Remove an existing supercap:
a) Disconnect the supercap cable from the existing supercap.
b) Pull straight up on the supercap unit and set it aside.
Step 4
Install a new supercap:
a) Set the new supercap into the empty bay.
b) Connect the supercap cable to the connector on the supercap cable.
Make sure that the number of the supercap unit bay, the number of the cable connector, and the number of
the compute node match. A supercap cabled to a connector for an absent compute node is not seen by the
Step 5
Replace the supercap compartment cover:
a) Set the cover in place. The end with the captive screw should be toward the chassis front.
b) Tighten the single captive screw on the cover.
Step 6
Replace the chassis in the rack, replace cables, and then fully power on the compute node.
Figure 11: Supercap Bays and Cable Connectors (Compartment Cover Removed)
Supercap bay and supercap cable connector
for node 1
Supercap bay and supercap cable connector
for node 2

Replacing Power Supplies

The server can have one or two power supplies. When two power supplies are installed they are redundant as
• See also
Power Specifications
for more information about the supported power supplies.
Supercap bay and supercap cable connector for
node 3
Supercap bay and supercap cable connector for
node 4
Maintaining the Server Chassis
Replacing Power Supplies