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Power Supply Replacement - Cisco UCS M4308 Maintenance Manual

Modular chassis


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Power Supply Replacement

This section describes the replacement of the power supply.
The server can have one or two power supplies. When two power supplies are installed they are redundant as
If you have ordered a server with power supply redundancy (two power supplies), you do not have to
power off the server to replace power supplies because they are redundant as 1+1.
Step 1
Remove the power supply that you are replacing or a blank panel from an empty bay:
a) Remove the power cord from the power supply that you are replacing.
b) Grasp the power supply handle while pinching the release lever towards the handle.
Step 2
Install a new power supply:
a) Grasp the power supply handle and insert the new power supply into the empty bay.
b) Push the power supply into the bay until the release lever locks.
c) Connect the power cord to the new power supply.
Figure 13: Power Supply Replacement
Power supply handle
Power Supply Replacement
Power supply release lever
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents