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Site Prerequisites; Power And Grounding - Cisco ASR 5500 Installation Procedure Overview

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Installation Procedure Overview
The following equipment is necessary to install the chassis and verify that it is ready for configuration:
• Standard 19-inch (48.26 cm) equipment rack (4-post or 2-post) or telecommunications cabinet with
• Multiple -48 VDC power feeds terminated at the rack/cabinet.
• Voltmeter to measure input voltages at the PFU terminals.
• Heat gun for installing shrink wrap tubing over power cable lugs.
• Computer with a DB9 RS-232C serial port or a terminal server port that will connect to the RJ45 Console
• Pallet jack and/or chassis lift to move and position the ASR 5500 chassis. Without such mechanical

Site Prerequisites

This section summarizes power, grounding, environment, and clearance requirements that must be met prior
to installing and operating the ASR 5500. For detailed information, refer to the Technical Specifications

Power and Grounding

Each PFU requires eight power feeds of 80A @ -48VDC (nominal). The feeds should be routed to the
installation rack from the site power supply using adequately sized conductors and circuit breakers in accordance
with local electrical codes. For additional information on power requirements, see the Technical Specifications
The chassis must be grounded to a site ground point using the recommended conductors and lugs. The ground
point should be in close proximity to the ASR 5500 chassis to assure adequate conductivity.
The site's heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems must be sized to maintain the operating
temperatures and relative humidity specified in the Technical Specifications chapter. HVAC capacity
requirements will vary based on the system configuration and associated power draw, as well as the operational
characteristics of other equipment installed at the site.
mounting hardware. The rack/cabinet must be installed in accordance with OEM recommendations
and local practices for electrical/grounding and seismic conditions.
port on the chassis management MIO/UMIO cards for accessing the Command Line Interface (CLI).
assistance, moving and positioning the chassis will require multiple craftpersons trained to safely handle
heavy rack-mounted units.
ASR 5500 Installation Guide