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Configuration Of Ethernet Information Using Web Browser; Setting Procedure - Hitachi HIDIC EH-150 Applications Manual

Programable controller; ethernet module(eh-eth)
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Configuration of Ethernet information using Web browser

This module has the Web server and the set up page for several initial configuration values. User can change
initial configuration value using Web browser(*1). The following items can be set by the set up page.
In this section, the procedure for changing the Ethernet information from the factory set value included in this
module is described.
Table 5.2
(1) Ethernet Information for this module
IP address of self station,
Configuration of destination for diagnostic,
Configuration of task code port
(2) Information of connection for automatically
sending/receiving operation
(3) Information of I/O area for automatically
sending/receiving operation
(4) Downloading/Uploading of setup file
The Web browser is required having frame function. (Ex. Netscape Navigator Ver4.0 later or Microsoft Internet
Explorer Ver4.0 later)

Setting procedure

Figure 5.2.1 shows the outline of setting procedure.
Chapter 5 Configuration and procedure for starting communication
The list of the items can be configured by Web browser
Setting start
Connect PC and EH-ETH with LAN cable
and HUB.
Confirm the network setting of PC
After changing the dip switch on EH-ETH,
power on PLC.
Open Web browser on PC and
access to Web set up page of EH-ETH.
Set Ethernet information, ASR information
After changing the dip switch on EH-ETH,
reset EH-ETH.
Finish setting
Figure 5.2.1 The outline of setting procedure
Section number to refer
This section
Section 5.4.1 to 2
Section 5.3.3
Section 5.4.4
This section
Ethernet information setting mode
Normal operation mode


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