Hitachi HIDIC EH-150 Instruction Manual

Hitachi HIDIC EH-150 Instruction Manual

Resistance thermometer input module(eh-pt4)
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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Content 1. Introduction 1-1 to 1-4 1.1 Before Use ·························································································································· 1-2 1.2 Precaution on Use ··············································································································· 1-3 1.3 Features ······························································································································· 1-3 1.4 Principle of Operation ········································································································· 1-4 2. Structure and Nameplate 2-1 to 2-1 2.1 Structure and Name of Each Part ·························································································· 2-1 3.
  • Page 3 10. Example of Programming 10-1 to 10-4 10.1 Example of Programming 1····························································································· 10-1 10.2 Example of Programming 2 (Offset adjustment)······························································ 10-4 11. Troubleshooting 11-1 to 11-1 11.1 The Allocation Error “41” is indicated in CPU································································ 11-1 11.2 Data Error in a Specific Amount ····················································································· 11-1 11.3 Data Error in All Amount································································································...
  • Page 4 1.Introduction 1 . Introduction This manual describes how to operate properly the EH-PT4(Temperature detective resistance module), which is one of the special function module of EH-150 Programmable Logic controller(PLC). Please read carefully this manual to familiarize yourself with the procedures respectively of installation, operation, and maintenance and inspection.
  • Page 5: Before Use

    1.Introduction 1.1 Before Use The resistance thermometer module (Here after EH-PT4) has been carefully manufactured, but you are kindly advised to make the following checks on receipt of it. (1) Check whether the module is the right one or not. (2) Check whether the module was not damaged during transportation.
  • Page 6: Precaution On Use

    1.Introduction 1.2 Precautions on Use (1) Before the installation and removal of the module, turn off the power. (2) Before the connection of the external wiring and removal of the terminal board, turn off the power. (3) The terminal board handless fine signals. Therefore upon handling the module or wiring, be careful not to apply a voltage on it by mistake or leave it under the influence by excessive static electricity.
  • Page 7: Principle Of Operation

    1. Introduction 1.4 Principle of Operation The EH-PT4 is able to measure the temperature by supplying constant current to PT100/1000 and by measuring the voltage drop of it, which is based on the linearity between the resistance of PT100 and the temperature. The operation of the input part of EH-PT4 is shown below.
  • Page 8: Structure And Nameplate 2-1 To

    2. Structure and Nameplate 2 Structure and Nameplate 2.1 Structure and Name of Each Part EH-PT4 Name and function of Type each part Approx. 180 g Weight Dimensions(mm) 4) Sett ing Swit ch 3) Terminal Block Name Function Remarks Lock button This is used when removing the module from the base unit.
  • Page 9: Specification 3-1 To

    3.Specification 3. Specification 3.1 Specification list Table 3.1 shows the specifications of EH-PT4. Table 3.1 Specification Item Specification Type EH-PT4 Resistance temperature detective Platinum resistance thermometer element Pt100 (IEC 751) Platinum resistance thermometer element Pt1000 Temperature conversion data 15 bits with sign (In normal state the lowest two bits are always “0”) -20 to + 40 °...
  • Page 10: Terminal Layout And Internal Circuit

    3.Specification 3.2 Terminal layout and internal circuit Terminal layout Internal circuit Signal name PT100/1000 PT100 I N EH -PT4 PT100/1000 24V DC+ 24VDC Internal power circuit 24VDC- 24V DC- Note 1) Current terminals and a voltage terminals of unused channels should be wired. The data will become H7FFF.
  • Page 11: Block Diagram 4-1 To

    4. Block Diagram 4. Block Diagram 4.1 Internal Block Diagram Fig. 4.1 shows the internal block diagram. EH-PT4 External wiring PT100/1000 Line-arize conversion Counter (Note) PT100/1000 Timing control Shielded wire Constant current External grounding circuit Each part 24 V DC+ Internal External power Power...
  • Page 12: External Wiring 5-1 To

    5. External Wiring 5. External Wiring 5.1 Wiring × A0 to 3 : Current terminal × B0 to 3: Cuurent terminal PT100 × b0 to 3: Voltage terminal × × × PT100 × × × External wiring(Note1) Use a shilded cable ×...
  • Page 13: Setting Of Temperature Range

    6. Setting 6. Setting 6.1 Setting of temperature range This module can be set to three temperature ranges by the dip switch shown below. Table 6.1 Temperature rage setting Temperature Setting switch measurement range Pt100 1, 2, 5 ON -20 to +40 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Pt100 3, 6 ON...
  • Page 14: Collection Of Temperature Data 7-1 To

    7. Collection of Temperature Data 7. Collection of Temperatue Data 7. 1 I/O Allocation The temperature data of each channel is collected in the CPU as the temperature conversion data corresponding to the temperature. (1) I/O assingment setting Plase assign as “WX4W” by your programming software. (2) I/O allocation Depending on the module installation position, the temperature conversion data is stored in the word input number shown below.
  • Page 15: Temperature Data

    7. Collection of Temperate Data 7.2 Temperature Data (1) Content of the measured value in WX** [ range : -50 to +400°C ](Pt100/ Pt1000) The meaning of the each bit(b0 to b15) is shown below. The each bit has own temperature. The total of the bit “1” is the measured temperature. b15 b14 b13 b12 b11 b10 b9 -800 12.5...
  • Page 16 7. Collection of Temperate (2) Content of temperature conversion data range : -20 to +40 (Pt100) The meaning of the each bit(b0 to b15) is shown below. The each bit has own temperature. The total of the bit “1” is the measured temperature. b15 b14 b13 b12 b11 b10 b9 0.78125 0.0488281...
  • Page 17: Example Of Calculation

    7. Collection of Temperate Data 7.3 Example of Calculation Following example program converts the hexa data in WR0 to BCD 4 digit data in WM006. If the temperature is negative, R0 will be "1". EXT (DM000,WR0000) DM000 = DM000 S* 100 DM002 = DM000 S/ 4096 = DM002 S<...
  • Page 18: Correspondence Table Between Temperature And Temperature Data

    7.Collection of Temperature Data Correspondence Table between Temperature and Temperature Data (1)Pt100/Pt1000 -50 to +400 ºC range Table 7.4.1 Pt100 -50 to +400 ºC range Temperature conversion data Temperature Decimal Hexadecimal Pt100 Temperature Decimal Hexadecimal Pt100 ( ºC ) data data resistance ( ºC )
  • Page 19 7.Collection of Temperature Data (1)Pt100 -20 to +40 range Table 7.4.2 Pt100 -50 to +40 ºC range Temperature conversion data Temperature Decimal Hexadecimal Pt100 ( ºC ) data data resistance Note1) 55296 D800 90.19 57344 E000 92.16 59392 E800 94.12 61440 F000 96.09...
  • Page 20: Error Detection Processing 8-1 To

    8. Error Decttion Processing 8. Error Detection Processing 8.1 Measured Temperature Range over (1)Interlock If temperatue conversion data is over the measuring range or current terminal wiring is disconnected, the tempearature conversion data becomes H7FFF. If H7FFF is read, it is necessary to make a program externally for detection the error. Example of an error detection program WM000 = H0000 M0000 = WX000 == H7FFF...
  • Page 21: Treatment For Sudden Change Of Temperature Conversion Data

    8. Error Detection Processing 8.2 Treatment for a Sudden Change of Temperature Conversion Data When the temperature conversion data is changed suddenly due to the disconnection of external wiring or influence of noise, the system judges it to be an abnormal condition. In the example shown below, every scanned data is read in.
  • Page 22: Installation

    9. Mounting 9. Mounting 9.1 Installation EH-PT4 module can be installed on both the basic base and expansion base. (1)Precaution on installation Upon the installation of the EH-150 series, consider the operability, maintainability and environment. (a)For use in proper ambient temperature range •...
  • Page 23: Precautions On External Wiring

    9. Mounting 9.4 Precautions on External Wiring Because the external wiring of the EH-PT4 handles fine signals, be sure to use a shielded wire to suppress the influence of external noise and place the wire separately from the power line and signal line of different voltage. Wiring cable (shielded wire) of EH-PT4 module 300 mm or more...
  • Page 24: Example Of Programming 10-1 To

    10. Example of Programming 10. Example of Programming 10.1 Example of Programming 1 (1)Control contents (a) The program keeps the liquid temperature 10 to 12 ºC higher than the ambient temperature. (b) When the temperature difference between the upper part and the lower part of the liquid is 3ºC or higher, the program turns a stirrer on.
  • Page 25 10. Example of Programming (3)Program The program stores the temperature data DR0000 = DX0040 for 4 channels in the internal output. DR0002 = DX0042 Data check WM0000 = H00000 M0000 = WR0000 == H7FFF M0001 = WR0001 == H7FFF M0002 = WR0002 == H7FFF M0003 = WR0003 == H7FFF When an error is found, the program turns M0004 = WM0000 <>...
  • Page 26 10.Program R002 When R2 is turned on, the program turns (10) Y0003 = 1 the motor error lamp on. R001 Turn on any one of R1, R3, R4,R7 and M4 (11) Y0004 = 1 to turn on the cooler and turn off the heater. Y0002 = 0 R003 R004...
  • Page 27: Example Of Programming 2(Offset Adjustment)

    10. Program 10.2 Example of Programming 2(Offset adjustment) The resistance thermometer element itself has a built-in error, although it is very low, which may influence the temperature conversion data as a offset error. The offset error depends on the aged deterioration also. The offset error can be adjusted by the following sample program but not completely because the offset is not constant in whole range.
  • Page 28: The Allocation Error "41" Is Indicated In Cpu

    11. Troubleshooting 11 Troubleshooting If you have some problem, please find the cause according to the following countermeasures. In case the problem is not solved after these countermeasures, please contact us. If you have a spare module, replace and see the condition. 11.1 The Allocation Error “41”...
  • Page 29: Calculation Of External Wiring Resistance

    Concerning the details of resistance, investigate individually for each wire. It may be slightly different from the calculated value. Reference In the case of Hitachi twisted shielded cable (CO-DS-IREVV-SX,(10 pairs to 52)),the maximum conductor °C resistance in the cross section of 0.18mm under the temperature 20 is 121.5 ohm/...

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