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Modes Of Operation; Water Tank - Silvercrest SLE 450 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

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7.3 Modes of operation

NOTE: the values selected for relative hu-
midity (RH%) are recognised with an up-
wards or downwards deviation of approx.
3%. This is necessary so that the device does
not constantly switch on and off.
• The device has 4 different modes avail-
• By pressing the button MODE 19, you
can switch between the modes.
• The mode of operation LED 16 over the
active mode blinks for 5 seconds and
then glows permanently.
The setting for the target relative humidity
(RH) is fixed at 55%. The compressor dehu-
midifies until this value has been reached,
and will then switch off. When the relative
humidity rises again, the compressor switch-
es on again.
In this mode, the device operates in 3 differ-
ent stages:
RH over 70%: the device dehumidifies
at its highest setting.
RH between 55% and 70%: the device
dehumidifies at its normal setting.
RH under 55%: no dehumidification,
only the fan is running.
NOTE: the relative humidity values of the
automatic system are not identical to the val-
ues HIGH/MID/LOW on the display|15.
Select this mode for continuous dehumidifi-
cation to a pleasant relative humidity of 55%.
In the TARGET-HUMIDITY mode, you can set
the relative humidity in 5% increments to be-
tween 30% and 80%. The device dehumidi-
fies at a low level until the set value has been
reached, and then deactivates itself. When
the relative humidity rises again, the device
switches on again.
30 - 80%: setting for the desired relative
humidity in the room.
CO: the device dehumidifies continu-
Select this mode for continuous dehumidifi-
cation, or for dehumidification to a value
that you have set.
You can use this mode in order to dry damp
clothes or shoes faster. The device dehumid-
ifies at its highest setting. Shift the flap
valve|1 of the air outlet in such a way that
the jet of air is directed towards the items of
clothing to be dried.
No dehumidification takes place with this
mode. The room air is drawn in through the
filter in front of the air inlet, and is cleaned

7.4 Water tank

• The water tank 5 has a holding capaci-
ty of 5.5 litres.
• The maximum filling level is indicated
with the marking MAX 7.
• The device can only be operated with
the water tank in place.
• If the water tank 5 is full, the LED 13
TANK FULL begins to blink. An alarm
sounds for approx. 20 seconds. The de-
vice switches off after a few seconds.
The TANK FULL LED|13 flashes until the
tank has been emptied.
1. Figure D: in order to empty the water
tank 5, pull it out slightly on the left and
right-hand sides, and then carry it by the
handle 27.
2. Pour the water out and place the tank
back in the device.

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