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Refrigerant; Disposal - Silvercrest SLE 450 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

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Possible causes/Action
• Room temperature
above 35|°C?
ally the
• Room temperature be-
device stops
low 5|°C?
• Defrosting mode is ac-
Damp cloth-
• Is the air flow from the
ing is not
device directly pointed
drying, or is
at the damp clothing?
only drying
• Is the room temperature
very slowly.
too low?

14. Refrigerant

EU 517/2014: This air-conditioning device
contains the refrigerant R134a. However,
the quantity of refrigerant is less than 1 kg
and it is contained in an enclosed cooling
circuit. Although the refrigerant does not
have any ozone-depleting potential, accord-
ing to the Kyoto Protocol it is a so-called
greenhouse gas and can therefore contrib-
ute to global warming if it is released into
the atmosphere. For this reason, only trained
technicians with a refrigerant certificate are
allowed to fill or empty the appliance. Your
air-conditioning device does not have to be
refilled with refrigerant if it is correctly used
and the refrigerant circuit is undamaged.
GWP: 1430

15. Disposal

The symbol showing a wheel-
ie bin crossed through indi-
cates that the product requires
separate refuse collection in
the European Union. This ap-
plies to the product and all ac-
cessories marked with this symbol. Products
identified with this symbol may not be dis-
carded with normal household waste, but
must be taken to a collection point for recy-
cling electric and electronic appliances. Re-
cycling helps to reduce the consumption of
raw materials and protect the environment.
When disposing of the packaging, make
sure you comply with the environmental reg-
ulations applicable in your country.
This device contains the refrigerant R134a
and must be returned undamaged for prop-
er disposal.

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Table of Contents

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