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Compact/Record Mode; Record Incident; Start Recording - Motorola MVX1000 User Manual

In-car digital video system
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MVX1000 In-Car Digital Video System User Guide

Compact/Record Mode

Compact/Record mode enables to minimize the mDVR User Interface Application when other
applications are used on the MDT screen.
Tap the Compact/Record Mode Button to select a Compact/Record mode option.
Compact/Record mode options:
• Default Mode: Full screen view of the mDVR User Interface Application.
• Compact Mode: A window with Limited user interface and a small Live View Frame.
• Record Mode: A frame with Record Button and an indication of the record elapsed time.
Compact Mode
Record Mode
Compact/Record Mode
Figure 3-2

Record Incident

Start Recording

To start recording:
• Tap the Record Button to start the camera selected on the Live View Frame (the enlarged video
frame). When recording starts, the label on the Record Button changes to Stop All and the border of
the Live View Frame changes from blue to red.
• Press and release the Record Button (see
recording starts, the LED on the Record Button changes from Blue to red.
Compact/Record Mode Button
Default Mode Window
1-3) on the front panel of the MVX1000. When


Table of Contents

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